All About Beds

All About Beds

all-about-bedsThe history of beds as they are known today began approximately in the century 300 BC, with Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. In the beginning, the ancient ancestors, or, in other words, species of archaic humans such as the neanderthal, etc. rested upon mounds of soil, straw and leaves, much like nests that animals use to keep their young protected and comfortable. Humans have much more in common with animals than what many think. In any case, resting places and beds have evolved over the years, and humans have developed more sophisticated ways in which one could maximize comfort while sleeping.

However, when referring to beds and the typical way of life of the civilizations and cultures that people are accustomed to, it is important to bear in mind that this does not hold true for other civilizations and cultures with different ways of life that vary enormously from the typical “western” type of civilization. It is worth pointing out that in many places around the world, people have chosen to live their lives in much simpler, more minimalist ways and thousands of people sleep on the ground, on something that resembles a sleeping bag or a mat, usually inside a tent or something like an indigenous Tipi.

In any case, every since the century the development of beds seem to have come to a halt. Beds have not improved much since then in terms of forms shapes and styles. Sure, nowadays, expensive beds are made of materials that have been carefully researched as to maximize their performance and endurance. Taking into account factors such as comfort, impact absorption and certain fluids that people lose over night while they sleep, while they have sex, such as sweat etc. Ergonomic beds and mattresses are common currency and materials such as memory foam usually incorporated.

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