Beds for Small Spaces

beds-for-small-spacesMany potential buyers assume that there is just one standard type of bed available. However, nowadays more and more people are discovering the large amount of bed options available to them. While standard beds are great, you might want to check out the other useful types of beds on this list. They can help you get the most efficient use out of your space while still creating a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Murphy Bed – Murphy beds are popular for homes where the bed will not be used every day because they are so easy to hide. Murphy beds fold up into a pre-built wall, closet, or piece of furniture constructed to conceal them. This way, the bed can be brought out and used when it is needed, and stowed out of sight when not.
  • Day Bed – Day beds are very popular for small spaces where there might not be room for a traditional bed as well as a couch. They get their name from their ability to be used as a couch during the day, and convert to a bed when necessary. Typically, day beds are popular for small apartments or dorms where space is limited.
  • Trundle Bed – The trundle bed is one of the ultimate space savers, and can help households maximise their sleeping capacity. A trundle bed slides out from underneath another bed, generally from an enlarged drawer containing a mattress. Many people opt to have a trundle bed in their children’s room to accommodate sleepover guests.
  • Bunk Bed – Bunk beds are another great way to get the most out of your space. Since they are two beds stacked up on top of each other they double the sleep capacity of a room without taking up all of the available floor space. Bunk beds are popular for families that have multiple young children.