Choosing the Right Mattress for Back Pain

choosing-the-right-mattress-for-back-painLower back pain is often caused by sleeping on a mattress that is not suited to you. If your mattress does not give you enough support, it will lead to a poor sleeping posture that can throw your spine out of alignment, therefore contributing to the curse of low back pain.

Personal Preferences

If your mattress fails to match your personal preferences, it can be at the cost of sleep comfort. The ideal mattress is that which offers you back support as well, so that your low back pain is reduced, by letting the various structures in your spine truly rest and also rejuvenate while you slumber on at night.

Components of the Mattress

While buying a mattress ask the salesperson about its physical components, so that you can have a good understanding of it. It is the inner springs or coils of a mattress that provides the necessary support. The arrangement and number of coils differ from one mattress to another. Mattresses come with padding on their top and these too come in varying thicknesses, in the range of 7” to 18”. It is your personal preference that lets you choose factors such as the number of inner springs, thickness of padding and depth of mattress. There are a number of sites covering these differences, some of them published online through the services listed on such sites as, which should end on your bookmarks list right away!

Back Support is Important

You should go for a mattress with good back support. A quality mattress must offer enough support to the spine alignment as well as the natural curve of the body. The proper measure of back support helps a patient to avoid soreness of muscle when he/she awakes in the morning. Actually there is no clinical data available on mattresses, but a recent study revealed that medium-firm mattresses offer more relief from back pain, as compared to firm mattresses.

Change Your Mattress

When your mattress begins to sag, it is time to change it. There’s no other way around it!