Sleep Tracking Technology

The average human spends over a third of their own life sleeping: that’s a long time to be nestled in a bed, so you may as well be getting the most out of your sleep. Advances in sleep-related technology have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, and some of the new developments working towards making sleep more efficient are promising.

Wearable Technology and Sleep Tracking

Despite all the research that has been conducted on sleep, the extent of knowledge on the subject is still limited. Wearable technology can help you track your heartbeat, breathing, body temperature and much more, but it can also record your sleep cycles and help you plan your schedule better. Polysomnography is clinical sleep tracking that involves a lot of wires attached to the body during a sleep session and measures breathing, eye movement, heart rate, muscle tension and brain waves. Whilst this method is more accurate than the personal sleep cycle applications that can be downloaded on a mobile phone, it can be expensive and sometimes interfere with your sleep patterns.

Companies are now looking at personal tracking technology that can be placed in your bed at home and synchronized with your mobile phone. There is already a multitude of sleep tracking apps and wearable technology such as heart rate monitors and smartwatches, but for those who don’t want to wear trackers all the time, devices embedded in their mattresses could be very useful.

Most types of tracking devices sync to your online accounts with the developer and, as with any personal information on the internet, may be at risk. A service like Holm Security can help to improve your online security and prevent the loss of personal information. A range of comfort features can also be included in these mattresses such as music, lighting effects and alarm clocks that will track your deepest REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases and wake you up at the appropriate time. As more innovative research is completed in the sleep tracking industry, it will become easier to study your patterns and improve your overall health.